A Poem To Love Yourself

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It’s all too easy to fall victim to manipulative people. When you love yourself, however, you can avoid those who seek to take advantage of your kindness and compassion. So here’s a poem to illustrate my point.

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What you need to know about self-love

What you need to know about self-love is that it is far from being selfish. Rather, it is a way of making yourself whole, so that you can give more of yourself. So that you can continue to be the kind, giving, strong, and compassionate person that you are.

Therefore, do not allow others to manipulate you into thinking that loving yourself first is greedy, self-centered, or egoistical.

You know you give your best self to others. You help in any way you can. And you love them unconditionally.

So, go ahead and love yourself back. You certainly deserve the love that you shower on others.

The Bible says:

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

– Matthew 22:39

So there you have it, love yourself first, and then love your neighbor with the same intensity.

Here’s a poem I wrote to remind you how important it is to love yourself. Enjoy!

A poem to love yourself

A kind word that cheers the gray
A gentle touch that soothes away
A smile that brightens up the day
All these through your tender role
A compassionate soul.

But these things, to yourself, do give
Lest you forget, you should have reprieve
To nourish, let grow, and achieve
Abundance only you can know
A source where compassion flow.

An empty cup they say doesn’t help any
So love yourself and you shall aid plenty
Those who disagree should have a look-see
In loving yourself there is no doubt
Your true self you can go out and shout.

Selfishness surely it can’t be
Your healing and comfort you should guarantee
Better choices and progress will agree.
So go ahead and say no
And to your best potential say hello!

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