Simple Facial Exercises to Show Emotion

Having been reminded that I need to work on my facial expressions if I am serious about making YouTube videos. And after researching the facial expressions that will show make a person attractive and approachable, the next step to my improvement will be to practice, of course.

Good thing there is another video by Shreya TV discussing the facial exercises for one to be able to show emotion instantly. Because, let’s face (pun unintended) it, even though we think that we are showing genuine emotion of happiness, for example, our face just does not show it well.

And according to researchers- experts in social psychology and body language- the face and its expressions are the most influential and highly impactful gauge of a person’s emotions.

For most people and more likely for introverts like me, smiling and generally showing facial expressions is awkward, especially when meeting new people. And researchers identified the cause of this self-consciousness to be the lack of facial muscle movement. As in any muscle, when not used as frequently as it should, the muscle atrophies and lose their ability to function properly.

So what should be done? Exercise! Here are the three steps that are shown in the video focusing on the facial muscles responsible for showing emotion.

Zygomatic Muscle Exercise

These muscles are located in the cheek area and extend between the zygomatic bone and the corner of the mouth. Its responsibility is to pull the angle of the mouth up and toward the side. Accordingly, the reason that we do not openly smile is that these muscles are not flexed often.

A simple exercise for these muscles is to say a long “eeeee” with the mouth wide to the side and then a long “ooooo” with the mouth rounded. Do this exercise three times a day for ten days to relax these muscles and they they can then be used on a whim.

Jaw Movement Exercise

The jaw muscles when not used often become stiff and rigid. This results in words not being pronounced correctly and audibly. So to flex the jaw muscles, the exercise to be done is to lift the chin up. Open the jaw as much as you can with a long “aaaaaaaaa” sound. Then close the jaw with a long “oooooo” sound. As with the zygomatic muscle exercise, do this for at least ten days as well.

With this exercise, you can immediately feel the stretch in your jaw area, and will help you to smile instantaneously. Not only that, but this jaw exercise will also help you pronounce your vowels correctly.

Emotion Expression Exercise

The third exercise to improve facial expression is to practice two common facial expressions. Researchers identified the common expressions as:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Contempt
  • Disgust
  • Surprise

Pick out two of the above-listed facial expressions and practice making them in front of the mirror. In the video, the facial expressions chosen for exercise are happy and sad emotions. And I agree with the choice because what I want to improve on is my happy face. God knows I often look so serious.

But I digress, anyway, to practice the happy emotion, face the mirror and make a smile. Make sure the smile takes the shape of a “U” or at least close to it. And for the sad emotion, make an upside-down “U” shape with your mouth. Accordingly, this is the universal expression for sad.

Practice these three exercises until you get the hang of them and use them in your daily conversations. People will be sure to react in a positive way when you show emotions openly.

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