Habits To Overcome The Struggle Of Waking Up Early


Like me, you may have also struggled with wanting to get up early. So, here are some simple habits you can adopt to train yourself to become an early riser.

Struggle with waking up early

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with waking up early. I couldn’t think of a good reason why I should. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who values a good, long night’s sleep.

I don’t seem to mind getting up early on certain occasions, such as going on vacation or going somewhere early for work-related reasons. However, waking up early for no apparent reason does not sit well with me.

And I figure it’s because I’m not a morning person. That I can compensate for the extra sleep I got in the morning by working until late at night.

Secret to success

Although many successful people swear by waking up early as one of their productivity secrets. And success, I had a difficult time attempting to become an early riser.

Despite wanting to really get into the habit, I never found a compelling reason that would make me give up a cozy stay in bed.

Finding my reason to wake up early

That is until I realized I could use that extra time to do something I enjoy but find difficult to do due to a lack of time. Or feeling guilty for devoting time to it when I could be doing something more productive with the time I have.

And my guilty pleasure, as well as the reason I want to get up early, is reading. An actual book that is.

Because with an actual book, you really have to sit down and read. You cannot do anything else when reading a physical book. Aside from sipping coffee, of course.

With this realization, I am more willing to develop the habit of getting up early. The question now is, how?

Habits to become an early riser

Here are some suggestions from Joshua Becker, author, and founder of the website Becoming Minimalist.

30-day experiment

The 30-day experiment is a method for mentally preparing yourself to get up early. And that is by thinking you will only practice the habit for a short period of time.

Why the mental trick?

Because our minds are naturally inclined to resist new activities when forming new habits. This is due to the fact that the neural pathways for the new habit have not yet been established.

Furthermore, developing new activities for a new habit requires additional thought and effort. Thus the difficulties faced in performing a new activity.

Another concern in building a new habit is the thought that it will become a permanent activity. And with that, we see ourselves struggling with the habit indefinitely.

With the 30-day experiment, however, we can tell ourselves that it is only for 30 days. The struggle we are experiencing is only temporary. And that, we can easily revert to our old habits after 30 days.

We only need to challenge ourselves and commit to practicing the habit for 30 days. If we are still struggling after 30 days, we can forget about it and go back to our regular routine.

Feet on the ground; eyes out the window

Another habit you can develop to help you wake up early is to get out of bed and look out the window. That’s all. Just two simple steps will get you up and productive early in the morning.

Say the phrase to yourself, especially on days when you’re finding it hard to wake up early. Then do the simple steps. Place your feet on the ground then go look out the window.

You’ll have to make a conscious decision at this point if you want to get back into bed and sleep.

Go to bed when you’re tired

Listen to your body and not the time.

Most of the time, we make a conscious effort to go to bed at a specific time, such as 10 p.m. or 12 a.m. Even when our bodies are tired and lethargic. We stay up and waste time scrolling social media or binge-watching because it is not yet time for bed.

This has an impact on our determination to get up early in the morning. To counteract this, we must develop the habit of going to bed when we are tired and in need of rest. Regardless of our usual sleeping time.

This habit enables us to wake up early in the morning, fully recharged and energized following a well-deserved rest.

Find motivation for the morning

Having a purpose for waking up early will make it easier for you to get out of bed in the wee hour of the morning.

You are more likely to stick to your morning routine of waking up early if the reason for the wake-up call makes you feel good. It is significant to you. Or has a substantial impact on your personal or professional life.

When you discover your motivation for getting up earlier than usual, you will undoubtedly develop the habit quickly and be on your way to a more productive life.

Awake is awake

Set up your alarm to an early start and fully commit to getting up as soon as it goes off.

For sure, your early waking hour will not always put you in a good mood. Regardless of your mood, the fact remains that you are awake. And that you can make the most of your day now that you’re up.

Prepare something to boost your mood for those days when you can’t help but grumble when you wake up. Coffee immediately comes to mind. Your favorite music is another, although you may have to keep it down so as not to wake up the rest of the family.😂

Another good example to brighten you up is to do a quick gratitude practice. A good stretch should also do the trick. Or simply put a smile on your face.

Know that it’s going to be a good day because you got an early start.

Benefits of waking up early

Aside from productivity, your decision to wake up early will provide you with numerous other benefits, including the following.

  • Improved brain function
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced stress
  • Better organization

Getting up before the rest of the family allows you to enjoy a relaxed and calm morning. A time when you can focus solely on being.

So, are you sold on getting up early now? I’m fairly certain I am.😁


Like me, you may have also struggled for a long time with wanting to get up early but not being able to do so.

Here are some pretty straightforward and simple habits you can adopt to train yourself to get up even before the sun wakes up.

  • 30-day experiment,
  • Feet on the ground; eyes out the window,
  • Go to bed when you’re tired,
  • Find motivation for the morning, and
  • Awake is awake.

Your commitment to waking up early comes with additional benefits aside from productivity. Other benefits of being an early riser include improved brain function and mental health, better sleep, and reduced stress.

Finally, the best argument for waking up early is having the extra time in the morning all to yourself. A chance to start your day in a relaxed and calm manner.

So wake up early and enjoy the bliss of a quiet morning.

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