Huge Reasons For A Woman’s Courage (A Poem For You Today)

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A woman who appears to be weak is not necessarily so. Her bravery is innate, and it comes to the fore when it is required. So, here’s a poem about a woman’s courage.

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Poem: She is courage

On ordinary days, she is at peace
Content with life that meets her needs
Yet when challenged, she says her piece
In strife, her courage exceeds.

She is a woman of strength
She will go through any length
Her courage multiplies by the tenth.
Shows emotions at times and cries
But by God, how she tries!

She is courage, admits mistakes
Owns it up, knows what it takes
The remorse and learning it undertakes.
Her ego she keeps in check
Left alone, she knows it can wreck.

She is courage, she weighs her options
Listens to contradictions then takes action
Wise decisions with thought and conviction.
Her success she relentlessly pursues
She is courage, she knows she won’t lose.

Huge reasons for a woman’s courage

From the poem, we can glean that the courage of a woman is innate. And where does it come from, you may wonder? Here are some of the things that inspire her.

Her values

Her values define her personality. And it is because of these values that she has the courage to do what is right.

In addition to doing the right thing, her values provide her with the courage and guidance she needs to achieve her goals and objectives.

Belief in herself

Her courage stems from the knowledge that she possesses the necessary skills, talents, and abilities. And it is because of this belief that she is able to face any challenges or difficulties that may arise along the way.

Well-thought-out decisions

Furthermore, a woman is capable of making a decision based on her convictions and beliefs. And this gives her courage, knowing that her decisions are her own and well-considered, rather than being dictated by others.

Ability to listen to others

Additionally, a woman’s courage stems from her ability to listen to others.

She is well aware that some information can be gleaned from the perspectives of others. And so she listens eagerly and attentively to what others have to say about a project or discussion.

Willingness to seek help

Finally, a woman’s courage stems from her willingness to seek assistance from others. She is aware of her limitations, but she is also aware that seeking help does not render her incompetent.

It simply means that she is willing and humble enough to ask for help in order to gain more knowledge, knowing that asking for help will get her closer to her goals faster than going it alone.

Why the need for courage

To paraphrase famous quotes about courage, it is not about the absence of fear. But rather the willingness to still push through despite the fear.

Courage is something we must cultivate in our lives because it allows us to get where we want to go. To enumerate, we require courage for the following reasons:

  • It enables us to take the first step.
  • Helps us make a stand.
  • It enables us to take calculated risks.
  • Assists us in stepping outside of our comfort zones. And
  • Allows us to let go of things that no longer add value to our lives.


In conclusion, the poem defines and describes a woman’s courage.

Also, a woman’s appearance is not in any way a measurement of her courage. Her courage stems from the following factors:

  • Her values,
  • Belief in herself,
  • Well-thought-out decisions,
  • Ability to listen to others, and
  • Her willingness to seek help.

Through all these, she can then take action and pursue her goals and objectives.

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